Marr's Field Journal
Editor: Rhiannon Hein
Contact Number: 205.348.7264

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The Marr's Field Journal is a literary magazine written, edited and published by undergraduate students of the University of Alabama. It consists of both fiction and poetry. The Spring and Summer 1999 issue was praised by faculty, staff and students as one of the best installments of the MFJ The overall goal of the MFJ is to enlighten the student body about the existence and purpose of the MFJ Their purpose is to provide a means of publication for undergraduates, to give them a chance to see their names in print and to further the development of young and aspiring artists at the University of Alabama.
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The MFJ is published twice yearly.
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The MFJ offices are located in Rm 1024 of the Student Media Building at 414 Campus Drive East, which is across from the Rec Center outdoor pool.
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